Leduc-Piedimonte Ice Cider


Ice cider is unique to Québec, primarily because it depends on two essential elements: an abundant crop of quality apples and winter temperatures that dip well below zero (25°C). The aromas and flavours are transformed as the apples over-ripen and are then naturally concentrated by the freezing cold. This product has nothing to do with pints of cider down the pub – its aroma and flavour profiles are more reminiscent of an eiswein or a trockenbeerenauslese. This ice cider is deep golden amber in colour and presents aromas of honey, spicy vanilla, ripe tropical fruits and orange peel, followed by some mineral notes. Delicious flavours of citrus preserves and spices are present on the palate and it has a long refreshing finish.

Fact Sheet

Type: Dessert – White
Grape: Apples – Empire and Spartan
Country: Canada
Region: Quebec
Area: Rougemont
Vegan: Yes
Organic: No
ABV: 11%
Bottle size: 375ml

Discount & Minimum Order Quantities

We sell our wines in multiples of 6 bottles (half a case). The minimum order is therefore 6 bottles. This can be made up of a selection of different wines. For 6 bottles of wine you get 5% discount, for 12 or more you get 10% discount. This is applied at basket/checkout.

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