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7th June

Yes...Sunday food and fare comes to Hildreth Street this weekend - 19 June - courtesy of organisers, Venn Street Market. Bringing with it, there'll be delicious artisan food and fare from 11am to 5pm. And of course, Hildreth Street's own Wine Tasting Shop, will be taking to the street, with an outside stall, offering samples of finest wines at 50p per shot.

28th May

Florian Perate from Terroir in Covent Garden will be here in Balham showing a range of exciting Natural wines from Italy and France.

From 1pm to 5pm you have the chance to see and try a range of very different wines totally sulphur free! These wines are produced without any cultured yeasts and absolutely nothing
added during fermentation.

Come along and try them for free and listen to the fascinating story each wine has to tell.

11th May

Last chance to book for our special Champagne-tasting evening on Saturday, 14 May, starting at 7.30pm. Priced at £35 per head, the hour and a half extravaganza will explain the whys and wherefores behind the making of all things that fizzzz and sparkle! There'll be a fun quiz and an ultimate pairing: Champagne and chocolate. Heaven off the Balham High Road!

11th May

Yes... and yes! Here at The Wine Tasting Shop, you can sample a diverse range of fine own-grower wines from the famous region, at only £1 a shot. Using our special preservation system, which keeps in the fizz, we have a broad variety of Champagnes on offer. They include an Alfred Gratien, one of the most traditional Champagne houses, founded in 1864 to the more modern mother/daughter partnership, behind the J. Lassalle label. And more.

Champagne converts...this way!

16th April

Adi Badenhorst, the South African winemaker de jour, is unable to blow in from the Windy City to visit the Wine Tasting Shop, here in Balham today. Too busy schmoosing with the likes of Cindy Crawford and Marilyn Manson at a celebrity party in Chicago where he has been showing off his wines. Balham's loss today...but luckily for us, we have his wines to show for free so pop along to sample his finest.

14th April

A blind tasting of wine at the Edinburgh Science Festival revealed that the general public could not tell the difference between cheap and expensive wine.

We at The Wine Tasting Shop in Balham, believe that the most important factor in choosing
a wine is to pick a style, which appeals most to your individual taste. This is the wine for you.....
irrespective of price. And it is surely this factor - delivering real value for money - which overides
the cheap/expensive debate.

31st March

In the last few weeks we have received lots of interest from customers wanting to participate in a variety of up coming Tastings. The Introduction to Wine Tasting is for beginners who would like some useful information and tips on all aspects of wine tasting.

Benoit Riseccoli, a third generation wine producer from Chianti visited the shop recently and showcased his three Tuscan wines highlighting their background and was happy to chat all day with the customers.